I can't install my Samsung Fridge Filter

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As experts in the field of fridge water filters we often get asked about fitting issues for the Samsung fridge water filter range.

In this post we concentrate on one of the models, you may know them as DA29-00003a, DA29-0003b, DA29-0003F and DA29-0003G.

That last model, the Samsung Fridge Filter DA29-0003G is the latest model and we were assured it would be backwards compatible. That has not been the case. Samsung is by far our most queried fridge filter to the point where one in ten is being returned. 

There are plenty of Samsung fridge filter posts on their main forums that demonstrate the issues that customers have experienced. Here are a couple of examples:



There are posts on youtube and amazon with some fairly extreme measures that involve how to alters the keyway to ensure your filter will fit. Some not for the faint of heart.

The reality is that Samsung made a fairly dramatic change to the keyway. Here is the old style:


You can see that is has two upright prongs and a fairly square shape to the keyway. Samsung then made a change to the DA29-00003G with the advice that it would be backwards compatible. The new keyway design looks like this:


You can see it has three teeth and a more crocodile like shape. Oddly there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to which fridges this will or wont fit. Some people have advised that all you need to do is remove your top shelf to allow you to apply much more force which will allow you to install it.

There is another potential issue. If you have used a compatible filter previously you may find that the locking mechanism has not been properly unlocked. This was how I solved my problem and I can now put in the new style filter. To do this you reinstall your old compatible Samsung fridge filter then unlock it again but hold it pushed upwards until you have undone it as far as you can then you can let it drop out into your hand. This resets the locking mechanism correctly.

Our UK manufacturers have designed a new compatible filter that will fit replace all Samsung fridge filters that use the DA29-00003xxx type filter. This required a whole new keyway design that looks unusual but has solved the problem for our customers. You can find our compatible Samsung fridge filter on this link:


and don't worry all our compatible Samsung Filters are certified by NSF and WQA as a minimum. 

If you prefer the genuine Samsung fridge filter you have three options. Remove your current one and see if it matches the new style, if it does you know it will fit. If it is different you can still order it and hope it fits or try some of the solutions mentioned in the posts above or in this Amazon thread where plenty of people have had some success:  https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Genuine-DA29-00003G-Refrigerator-Filter/product-reviews/B000SX4C7Q or three you can search online for any company that still holds old stock of the previous model.

(Please note if you do take the path of making changes to the keyway you will not be able to return the filter if you cannot get it to fit).

One final note, Samsung actually used to have a trouble shooting sheet which claimed to help you install the filter. We used to send this to customers but notice they have removed it http://support-us.samsung.com/cyber/popup/iframe/pop_troubleshooting_fr.jsp?modelname=RF263AERS&homeid=25609&from_osc=&idx=531122&modelcode=RF263AERS/XAA&  it appears Samsung realised that the guide was not working. They also no longer offer to replace the head fitting in the fridge under warranty as they deny there is an issue.

If you want to look at our complete range of Samsung Fridge Filters you can find it below:






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