Please feel free to browse our "Frequently asked Questions" section for our most commonly asked questions.

Q1. Are all compatible filters the same?

A1. No! There is a great difference in the quality of compatible filters. It is hard to spot which ones are better quality but if you find brands like Filter Logic or Eco Aqua that are sold worldwide then you have a better chance of good quality than a brand designed and sold by an individual in just one country on eBay. Usually the grey imports will use a design as close as possible to the genuine product and will cover their adverts with maps of Australia, Dingoes, Koalas and proudly boast as being Australian made.

Q2. Are genuine manufacturer filters better than compatible ones?

A2. It is hard to tell. The reason for this is that genuine filters will undergo testing by WQA and NSF to different standards. The main being NSF/ANSI 42 and 53. The cost of these is prohibitive and for a compatible supplier they might need to do a whole range in excess of 30 products. As a result most compatible units are not tested by these organisations. However most will use broadly the same components.

Q3. What is a "Premium" compatible fridge filter?

A3. You will notice that we refer to "Premium" for all our compatible units. We use this term to differentiate the filters provided by Filter Logic and Eco Aqua from the grey imports that have flooded the Australian market. Sadly it did not take long for those sellers to simply add "Premium" to their own marketing.

Q4. Where does your stock come from?

A4. We do not advertise products we do not have in stock in Australia. We send all stock from our warehouse in Queensland. We use Australia Post and where possible packaging comes from Australia too. We certainly do not use "Drop Ship" methods. For this reason we can offer 1 business day dispatch terms on all fridge filters.

Q5. Why will my new Samsung DA29-00003G fridge filter not fit?

A5. This has become a common problem. It is caused by two issues. For a period of time Samsung changed the connection on the filter head. They have now discontinued this. The new filter head which we stock both in genuine and compatible versions should be backwards compatible. However, Samsung were not counting on the grey imports being purchased which had filter heads that don't resemble either of the genuine units. These have been causing an issue that when removed do not fully engage the locking mechanism, this prevents the new unit being installed.

It is an easy fix in most cases thankfully. Usually all you need to do is reinstall the old filter and this time when removing it don't let it fall out. Keep it pushed up and continue to turn in the unlocking direction until the filter cannot turn any further and then let it come out. This should resolve the issue.

Q6. I have installed the new filter and the water is dirty and full of sediment, why?

A6. This is completely normal. It takes running quite a lot of water through a new fridge filter to get the carbon to settle. Generally work on the basis of about 10 litres of water being run through before you should see the water clearing.

Q7. My new filter is leaking, is it faulty?

A7. Highly unlikely. It can be something as simple as some dirt on one of the rubber seals. Generally just removing and then re-installing the filter will resolve that issue. It can be different with in-line filters. If you have one with clips you need to remove these first, then push the hose in as far as it will go. When you have done that pull the hose gently back out to reveal a small area that the clip can now be installed.