Why has my Samsung Fridge Filter light not reset?

Posted by James Leuschner on

This is one of the most common queries we receive when customers install their new Samsung Fridge Filter. Sometimes we have customers wondering if the reason the light does not reset is that they might have purchased a poor quality compatible filter.

The reason is much more simple and can be a little surprising. Like most people when I got my expensive Samsung Fridge I assumed there would be some kind of Ice and water filter sensor. Turns out that is not the case. All the light does is run a six month timer. It has no idea about the condition of the Samsung fridge filter nor how much water has passed through it. 

So the process to reset the light is not automatic with the installation of your new Samsung fridge filter but is manually done.

Most Samsung fridges have the same method for resetting but if the below method does not work for you or you do not have the same button just refer to your manual. If you have lost it not to worry you can download them from Samsung here: https://www.samsung.com/us/support/downloads/

The process is as simple as this.

Samsung Fridge Filter range

Find a button on your fridge that mentions the Filter. Usually it will be small writing on a button that does something else like the Alarm button. Once located hold it down for 3-5 seconds and your filter light will reset to the blue colour we all like.

Once you know that don't be tempted to cheat and just reset the light without changing the filter as there is good reason for your filters to be changed six monthly. 

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