Zip 91240 91241 Compatible Hydroptap Water Filter Sub 5 Micron QL1-Zip ZT002

  • $45.00

  • A Premium Compatible Part to replace the Zip 91240, 91241, 91242, 1311070 filter
  • Tested and certified by both WQA for safety and performance
  • This compatible version produced by UK manufacturer Filter Logic provides a low-cost, economic alternative, which is guaranteed to offer your appliance the same level of protection as the manufacturers OEM filter.
  • This filter reduces the presence of chlorine, taste and odour, with an additional scale inhibiting capability.
  • Manufactured totally free of BPA (Bisphenol A).
  • PLEASE NOTE: These water filters do NOT have a Best Before date. They can be stored for many years and lose none of their filtering effectiveness. 


  • Filter Logic water filters are certified BPA free

  • Capacity
    1,500 Gallons (5,678 litres)
  • Temperature
    35° - 100° F (2° - 38° C)
  • Pressure
    10-125 psi (70-875 kPa)
  • Flow Rate
    0.5 gpm (1.9 lpm)