Genuine Original Philips Saeco AquaClean CA6903/00 Espresso Coffee Machine Water Filter

  • $39.99

Finally you can just enjoy your pure coffee
With Saeco's patented AquaClean water filter you don't have to descale your automatic espresso machine for 5000 cups. Enjoy pure water for a fine tasting coffee by simply changing the filter at least every 3 months.

Pure water delivers the purest coffee treats

  • Clear water optimally purified thanks to patented water flow
  • Micro-porous filter blocks any impurities

Forget about descaling your machine for 5000 cups

  • Naturally removes calcium thanks to ion-exchange technology
  • Your machine will not clog thanks to the micro-porous filter

Easy to install and use

  • Activating AquaClean deactivates the descaling alarm
  • Effortlessly activate the filter with the click&go system

Clear water optimally purified
Thanks to the patented flow, the water inside the water filter takes a longer path before entering your super-automatic coffee machine. This ensures a deeper purification for clear water and fine tasting coffee.

Micro-porous filter
Ridding your brew of any small particles makes a huge difference to your in cup quality. The microporous filter prevents impurities from contaminating the water, so you can guarantee every cup you make will be fresh, clean and delicious.

Ion-exchange technology
The ion-exchange technology removes calcium from the water before entering your coffee machine, thus preventing its formation. If the filter is changed every 3 months, your machine will stay scale-free for 5000 cups and maintain perfect hygiene.

Not clog thanks to the filter
Now nothing can get in the way of your perfect coffee moment. The micro-porous filter stops impurities from entering your super-automatic coffee machine, keeping the water circuit clean and protecting it from clogging.

Descaling alarm deactivated
The AquaClean ensures only pure and filtered water flows into your Full Automatic coffee machine, so the descaling alarm is automatically deactivated. Endless, hassle-free coffee of the finest quality is yours to enjoy - and it's not until after 8 filter replacements that the machine will reactivate the descaling process alarm. Remember, machines equipped with the AquaClean have a sticker on the water tank.

Click&Go system
Such an enduring feature couldn't be quicker to install. Just plug your AquaClean filter in the water tank of your Saeco super-automatic espresso machine, activate it via the user interface, and you're ready to enjoy the first of 5,000 pure coffee cups. And it's not until after 8 filter replacements that the machine will reactivate the descaling process. Automatic espresso machines, which are compatible with the AquaClean water filter, will have a sticker on the water tank.