FFL-201 Refrigerator Fridge Deodorizer Deodoriser Freshener Removes Smells Odour Odor

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FFL-201 - FilterLogic DeoTech Fridge De-odorizer

Featuring DeoTech carbon block technology, the FFL-201 is our newest addition to teh Filter Logic line of refrigerator spares and accessories. Many of the other devices currently available are filled with sodium bicarbonate - Baking powder. These are rarely very effective as the media neither gets the required air flow 'through' and tends to 'clump' with the moisture content.

What does DeoTech Remove?
Activated carbon is designed to remove any organic molecules which cause odour - Cheese, fish, garlic, raw meats. Essentially smells are derived by flowing air picking up these different 'molecules'. Fridges circulate a lot of air internally in order to keep cool, a necessity for them to function but also the ideal environment for a wide combination of organic molecules to be picked up and mashed together, potentially creating unsavoury odours.

How does it Work?
Activated Carbon is the standard media used for water filtration. It's also widely used in air-filtration in air conditioning systems. It works using 'millions' of tiny fissures in its surface which 'trap' organic modules within the media. DeoTech blocks are not only made from activated carbon, but the free-flow core, with hundreds of 'honeycomb' like structures, allows the air to pass more freely over a higher percentage of the media - Exposing more of the carbon, hence more of the fissures, and greatly improving filtration performance.

How long will it Last?
DeoTech blocks are also specially designed to be moisture and water resistant, meaning they will not break down or degrade within your fridge - Effectively ensuring six months of continued, reliable use!

If I just sit this on a shelf, how do I know its working?
The best location for your DeoTech block is the upper shelf of your fridge. Within a refrigerator you have a small fan which circulates the air, essentially pushing cold air into the top, and drawing it out through the bottom. As cold air sinks and hot air rises, this flow gives the most 'even' distribution of heat within the overall fridge compartment. Sitting your DeoTech block on the top shelf means it will be near a constant source of air-flow. As long as the block is placed in the correct area then the performance will be noticeable within an hour or two of installation.

Suitable for all fridges.