Durgol Swiss Espresso Special Descaler Decalcifier for Espresso Coffee Machine 2 x 125ml

  • $24.99

Durgol 2 x 125 ml bottles Durgol Swiss Espresso descaler.
Descale twice with this pack.

Durgol® swiss espresso® is a special descaler for high-quality coffee machines of all brands of both fully and semi-automatic coffee machines, piston machines and machines with coffee pod or capsule systems.

The coffee machine will be food-safe, with no residue left behind after rinsing. This product is what your coffee machine has been asking for – it will work better and have an extended life.

1) Add one bottle (125 ml) of durgol® swiss espresso® to the water tank. 
2) Add another 250–375 ml of clean water to the tank. 
3) Start the coffee machine’s descaling procedure. 
4) Rinse the machine after descaling with clean water.