3 x Genuine OEM Jura Claris White Water Filter for Coffee Machine Bean To Cup

  • $69.99

  • Genuine original Jura filter.
  • Removes the need for descaling.
  • Extends machine life.
  • Supplies the perfect water for enjoying the ultimate cup of coffee.
  • Filter capacity: up to 50 litres of water or max 2 months.

The new protective formula 
Coffee contains 98% water. The better the quality of the water, the purer and less adulterated the aroma.
CLARIS reliably filters the water to leave the optimum ingredient for perfect coffee: pure water for pure enjoyment.
The new protective formula was developed especially with modern automatic machines with a One-Touch Cappuccino function in mind. It contains a mineral which stabilises the calcium carbonate.
This isn't then deposited in the fluid system, even with frequent steam preparation, actively preventing the pipes from blocking.
But CLARIS can offer even more: as well as preventing scale, it also filters many other substances detrimental to flavour and aroma out of the water. But the minerals and fluorides that are important for health are retained.

Scale causes problems and kills taste 
Scale doesn't just affect how you enjoy your coffee, it also damages your automatic machine. Pipes restricted by scale result in longer heating up times and therefore increased energy consumption, pump overloading and therefore drops in pressure which impact negatively on how the aroma develops and the crema.
There is a risk of complete machine failure.
But water doesn't contain just scale. Substances detrimental to flavour and aroma such as chlorine, lead, copper and aluminium impact negatively on the coffee aroma and taste. Take action before the problem gets too bad. With CLARIS – your JURA automatic machine will thank you with perfect speciality coffees and a long machine life.
CLARIS – effectively wards off:

  • scale
  • chlorine
  • lead
  • copper
  • aluminium

CLARIS removes the need for descaling 
CLARIS works according to the professional up-flow principle.
During every preparation, the filter granule is dispersed to develop its full effect.
The water is freshly filtered for every preparation, preventing stagnant filtered water and rapid bacterial contamination.
Used correctly CLARIS removes the need for descaling completely.
This makes your machine easier to use and saves you valuable time. Clean pipes, heating elements and a pump without calcium deposits demonstrably extend the life of your automatic machine and help it to retain its value.
Only original CLARIS filter cartridges are matched precisely to JURA automatic machines in terms of composition and throughflow.
Be sure to look out for the JURA seal of quality when buying filters.
You will find this is well worthwhile.