Brita Maxtra and Brita Maxtra+ PLUS Premium Compatible Water Filter Replacement Refill Cartridge

  • $50.49

  • A Premium compatible part designed by UK company Filter Logic to replace the Brita Maxtra+ PLUS filter. This filter is also backwards compatible with the original Brita Maxtra filter.
  • This is the only current compatible filter available on the market that fits ALL Brita Maxtra style jugs, including Fill and Enjoy / Style.
  • The FL402E (Extra) offers improved performance over the best selling legacy filter (FL402) with the addition of more filtration media offering longer contact times and better overall removal rates.
  • The cartridge removes impurities from water such as chlorine, aluminium and copper to improve the taste and odour of mains tap water. The cartridge will also help reduce limescale build-up, protecting your appliances. FilterLogic cartridges are BPA free.
  • Each cartridge will last approximately one month, depending on usage.
  • Reduces Chlorine, Limescale and other impurities such as Mercury & Lead giving you great tasting, cleaner and purer water for drinking and cooking.
  • PLEASE NOTE: These water filters do NOT have a Best Before date. They can be stored for many years and lose none of their filtering effectiveness. 

These Maxtra+ PLUS compatible filters are ideal if you are looking to replace your Maxtra+ or Maxtra cartridge with a much more competitively priced product. 

Cartridge Reduces*
  • Aluminium
  • Copper
    • Chlorine

    *Average Contaminant Reduction