LG LT800P ADQ73613401 Premium Compatible Refrigerator Fridge Water Filter

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  • Save $23

AquaClear filters are Designed by UK company Pozzani Pure Water PLC, they are not the same as the cheap mass produced inferior products that many other sellers buy ‘off-the-shelf’ from various unknown factories and simply stick their own label on.

When it comes to drinking water quality, why take a risk with an inferior brand.

You can buy Aqua Clear with complete confidence in the worldwide recognized quality and safety certifications they have received. In the unlikely event you feel dissatisfied with an Aqua Clear filter, simply return for a full refund.

  • Ensure you’ve always got fresh water
  • Remove potentially harmful contaminants from your water
  • Use less bottled water and cut costs & environmental impact


We also currently have a Special Deal running where you can purchase a Premium Quality compatible LG Fresh Air Filter with your water filter (for all LG refrigerators that take an air filter) together at a discounted rate. Both the water & air filter are recommended for 6 months of usage. Just select how many you would like from the Quantity drop down box and get the savings available.

  • Filter Logic water filters are certified BPA free

  • Capacity
    300 Gallons (1,135 litres)
  • Temperature
    34° - 100° F (1° - 38° C)
  • Pressure
    30-100 psi (207-689 kPa)
  • Minimum flow Rate
    0.5 gpm (1.91 lpm)



GF-5D712SL - LMXS30776S - LMXS30746S - LMXC24746S - LSC22991ST - LSXS26466S - LSXS26366S - LSXS26326S - LSXS26326W - LSXS26326B - LSXS22423S - LSXS22423W - LSXS22423B - GF-5D712SL - GF5D712SL - GL-5D712SL - GF-AD701SL - GF-AD910SL - GF-AD701SL - GF5D712SL - GF-5D712BSL - GF-5L712PL - GF-5D906SL - GF 712SL - GF5D7


ADQ73613401 - ADQ7361340 - ADQ73613401-S - LT-800P - ADQ-73613401 - ADQ32617801 - ADQ72910901 - ADQ73613403 - LGGEN11042FR-08 - LT800-P - LT800P - LT800PC - 48231786195 - 4609490000


Crystala Fridge Filter CF14 - Aqua Blue AquaBlue LT800PWF - Drink Up AQF-237800P - Eco Aqua EFF-6020A EFF6020A - Dista DWF-35 - Denali WF-LT800P - Blue Mountain BM-LP8 - Excelpure EP-LT800P - Refresh R-9490 - Kenmore Elite 46-9490 - Kenmore 9490 - Kenmore 469490 - SWIFT GREEN SGF-ADQ401 - Zuma OPFL4-RF300-4749 - Ice Pure Icepure RWF3500A - Tier 1 Tier1 RWF1160


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Ksawery Heath

We were able to order three of these filters for our LG refrigerator for less than one costs at the dealer where we bought the frig. No contest, it's the same filter!

Rishi Walker

These were unbelievably inexpensive (1/2 the price for three compare to just one OEM) and function identically. Easy to install in the LG fridge. Just make sure you put down a towel when you pull the old one out as a small amount of water will spill out.

Farah Howe

We live in an area of very hard water so we use the filtered water from our fridge for all cooking, coffee, drinking water and the humidifier. These last quite a while, give great results and are quite affordable compared to bottled water and if you compare throwing one used filter out every six months compared to all the water bottles we'd other wise use, it's a deal all around, plus being super convenient not to have the fridge or cabinets full of plastic bottles that need recycling.

Clare Patrick

These filters were an exact fit, and they work equal or even better than the factory name brand filters.

Soren Lacey

These work better then the ones made by LG and I think the water tastes a little better too. Won't buy any other brand now! Thanks so much for a great item and at a great price too.